Our team consists of highly performing and experienced professionals who are devoted to their work and constantly strive for perfection.
Behind our success is a great team of our employees.

CEO, AgroEast A/S
Martin Thorsen
Country CEO
Vadym Shestakov
СРO (Pig), AgroEast A/S
Pavel Korolkov
СРO (Crop), AgroEast A/S
Henrik Steffensen
Farm Manager, Dan-Farm Ukraine
Oleg Panchenko
Farm Manager, DFU Agro
Volodya Radchenko
Construction Manager
Claus Nybye
Chief Accountant
Liudmyla Moshkovska
Director, Legal Affairs
Iryna Konanets
HR Director
Oksana Shevshuk
Procurement Manager
Oleksandr Stepovyy