Our team consists of highly performing and experienced professionals who are devoted to their work and constantly strive for perfection.
Behind our success is a great team of our employees.

CEO, AgroEast A/S
Martin Thorsen
Country CEO
Vadym Shestakov
СРO (Pig), AgroEast A/S
Pavel Korolkov
СРO (Crop), AgroEast A/S
Henrik Steffensen
Chief Finance Officer
Yuriy Maliy, FCCA
Senior Legal Counsel
Oleksandr Goral
Construction Manager
Claus Nybye
Farm Manager, Dan-Farm Ukraine
Oleg Panchenko
Farm Manager, DFU Agro
Volodya Radchenko
Chief Accountant
Liudmyla Moshkovska
Commercial Projects Manager
Olena Yashchenko
HR Director
Oksana Shevshuk
Procurement Manager
Oleksandr Stepovyy