Pig production

We use exclusively Danish genetics, which is constantly supported by import of boars from Denmark. We apply Danish cross-breeding system from Danish Genetics, one of the most innovative in the world. We grow a three-gen hybrid, which includes 50% of the Duroc paternal breed and  25% of Landras and 25% of Yorkshire maternal breed. The main advantage of such hybrids is high-quality dietary meat with a higher protein content, minimal fat and excellent tasteWe do not use any growth stimulators, antibiotics or chemical additives. Therefore, our customers receive safe and healthy meat.



Our farm is constructed in full accordance with Danish production technology involving experienced construction professionals directly from Denmark.

Distinctive features of our farm are:

  • modern foreign-made equipment for preparation and supply of animal feed;
  • automated ventilation system;
  • automated micro-climate and manure removal systems;
  • infrared lamps for animals warming and floor heating system.

High level of biosafety is our responsibility:

  • access to the territory of our farm is strictly limited;
  • all employees undergo daily sanitary control. Changing into required clothes is mandatory;
  • all production facilities and vehicles entering the farm territory are thoroughly sanitized with disinfectants;
  • our farm is regularly checked by Danish veterinarians and biological safety specialists.

Animal care is the cornerstone of our business and our responsibility to society.

Quantative indicators

We own two farms, all with a high production capacity.

Dan-Farm Ukraine is a full-cycle farm having reproduction, maternity and weaner units. Dan-farm Ukraine is producing 110 000 weaners per year. Simultaneously we keep at this farm:

  • 3,000 sows;
  • 8,000 – 9,000 suckling pigs;
  • 1200 gilts;
  • 30 boars;
  • 15,000 weaners.

DFU Agro is a finisher farm. Part of Dan-Farm Ukraine pigs is moved to DFU Agro for fattening and onward selling to our customers. DFU Agro maintains 20,000 pigs. After the full completion of the reconstruction, the farm production capacity will increase to 100,000 commodity pigs per year.