Social responsibility

We believe in social responsibility, transparency and trust as key elements for our business. Our initiatives are focused on relations with local society, staff development and environmental-friendly approach to our business.


We provide help to regional and village councils where we cultivate our land and grow our pigs: Kaharlyk, Korosten, villages of Grozyne, Synghai, Khodaky, Yosypivka, Chopovychi. We allocate funds for lighting and gasification, for repairs of schools, kindergartens, hospitals and roads. We also regularly deliver high-quality meat to schools and kindergartens, as well as for village traditional holidays.

We cooperate with local agricultural colleges and launched a trainee program for students who study for tractor drivers, machine operators and other agricultural professions. Our companies open opportunities for those students who want to learn how to drive modern equipment together with best professionals.

We create jobs for local people and develop their professional skills. Taking into account expertise and aspirations of our employees we offer everyone the appropriate position, responsibilities and ways for advanced training.  

Dan-Farm Ukraine and DFU Agro are a part of the communities. For this reason, social responsibility is an integral part for the company’s daily work.

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