Dan-Farm Ukraine and DFU Agro maintain Danish farming traditions ensuring environmental sustainability

Pig production is an essential core of our business. We successfully apply Danish business model in Ukraine.

  • Responsible approach at all stages of production allows us to control the quality of our products.
  • We comply with Danish and EU legislation on animal welfare and restrictions on the use of medicines. We do not use growth promoters.
  • Our farms independently grow all crops in fields, which allows to provide our animals only natural and high-quality feed.
  • We do not use antibiotics. Careful adherence to biosecurity requirements and permanent veterinary control protect our animals from all kinds of diseases.
  • We use a special fertilizer system on our farms. This enables us to control the level of CO2 emissions.
  • Our construction department is the most efficient in reconstruction and ongoing repair of production and administrative facilities.

Our experience proves that pig production can be “green”.