Crop production

Full-cycle production would be impossible without our own crop production. Growing crops is a significant part of ​​our activity since it provides ingredients for animal feed production. This not only minimizes our costs on animal housing, but also allows to control the quality of feed and its bio-safety. In addition, own crop production allows us to get additional profit from sale of crops.

  • We use the best seeds, high-quality fertilizers and modern crop protection agents. We grow corn, sunflower, winter wheat and rye.
  • We clearly adhere to crop rotation standards.
  • We focus on applying organic fertilizers from our farms. This approach restores and significantly improves health of the lands we cultivate.
  • We use modern agricultural equipment for cultivating and harvesting.


Harvested crop is processed at our 2 feed mills which produce 30,000 tonnes of mixed feed per year.

Our experts calculate all the proportions and norms in the diets of animals. We use corn, barley, sunflower and wheat as the basis in our feeds. We also add premixes, mainly of Danish production.

Thorough control of the feed production process ensures high quality and safety for animal welfare.